Booti Fit Questions and Answers

Where do we meet?
Our Trainer will meet you at the entrance Veterinärstrasse by Milchhäusl Biergarden. Please come 10 Minutes prior to the training if it’s your first training.

What happens if the weather is bad or it rains?
Booti Fit workouts are weather resistant. The training takes place despite the rainy weather, unless there is a severe weather condition is the case. Please check for training updates hier.

Can I join the camp on some other day?
No. In order to get results we strongly recommend to start on the first day of the camp.

What happens if I miss training?
You can miss 1 training per month that you can make up for at the free trial session of the next Booti Fit Camp.

Do you offer private camps?
Yes! If you are a group of at least 5 women, and provided that one of our trainers and a training venue are available, we will get you and your lovely ladies in shape! Talk to us!

Will training sessions be held outdoors in the winter months?
No. Training below 0 or in the snow is not ideal. Therefore, we keep our Boot Camps during the winter months indoors.

I have a knee problem, can I still participate?
Booti Fit allows you to train at your own pace. There are different variations to the most exercises that allow you to tailor the exercises to certain restrictions. Nevertheless, if you have a serious knee pain, you should check with your doctor before participating, as our sessions incorporate high numbers of squat and lunging exercises.

I’m pregnant, can I still participate? 
No, pregnant women should not take part in our fitness camp, unless you can provide a written permission from your doctor!

How soon after my pregnancy can I participate in the Booti Fit Camp?
If your pregnancy and birth occurred without complications, it is possible to begin with careful training 6 weeks after you give birth. However, we advise to check with your doctor to determine the best time to start sporting activities of any kind.

How old must I be to participate in the Booti Fit Camp? 
The minimum age for participation in the Booti Fitness Camp is 16, with written approval by a parent or a guardian. 18 years of age is the general requirement to participate.

Are Booti Camp trainers certified fitness trainers? 
Yes, we have high standards for our fitness coaches. They all have extensive training in the fitness field and are certified by us as Booti Fit Instructors.

Are all Booti Fit instructors trained in first aid? 
Yes, all our fitness trainers are certified to provide first aid response.

Can any woman take part in Booti Fit, Boot Camp? 
Absolutely! We welcome women of all ages and fitness levels! Whether beginner or professional athletes, everyone is welcome!

What results can I achieve? 

  • Weight loss… without boring diets
  • Muscle definition… the fastest way
  • Looking good… and feel even better
  • Increased energy… and calories burned
  • Drop one dress size within 4 weeks

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